“We Are More Than Our Day Jobs” - Creative Outlets in the Modern Age

Wake up. Commute to work. Sit in that chair. Look at the screen. Read. Type. Listen. Talk. Commute home. Eat. Go to sleep. Repeat.

Despite having a variety  of passions outside of the office, I felt like my life was becoming wholly defined by my job. In some ways, I was forgetting who I was. After conversations with coworkers and friends, I discovered I wasn’t alone in this sentiment. It’s strange how common this feeling is, yet how little we do about it. My guess is nearly 100% of people agree with the following statement: “I am more than my day job.” Now the question becomes, what are we going to do to prove that to ourselves?

Music has always been my outlet. I wanted to create no matter what. In 2017, I decided that I would release my second mixtape. I did my best to consistently listen to instrumentals, write music, and record. I had to follow through and finish this project. I had to remind myself that I was still capable of creating, even while working in an intense job. 

Something amazing happened while I was recording the mixtape. I wrote a song about my mom and dad, then called them to share the unmastered version of it. They listened to it and told me the lines they liked the most. I smiled and couldn’t stop smiling that day. That’s when I realized that creating something and sharing it with people is one of life’s top features. My next thought was ‘how can I help other people experience this joy?’

This question was the inspiration for Outlet Collective - a collective based on a core belief that everyone has a creative outlet. The goal of Outlet is to provide a platform for people to connect with, and showcase their passion and creativity. That software engineer may also play the guitar on the side. That retail salesperson may also be a gifted sketch artist. That CEO may also DJ in their spare time. That’s what Outlet is about. We’re changing the question from ‘where do you work?’ to ‘what’s your passion?’. 

Today, we have events all throughout New York City and we’ve even had one in Denver, Colorado. We seek to continue providing a platform for professionals and artists to share their creative outlets and connect with one another. We are so much more than our day jobs. Look out for more Outlet content and events on our Website and Instagram.

-Daniel, Founder of Outlet Collective

Interviewing Lalu John - Focus Series 1


Interviewing Lalu was inspiring. His passion for music, God, and people shines through. We're excited to kick off the Focus Series with him because he touches on how he manages to balance his creative passions with his life obligations. Believe it or not, there are little things we can do on a regular basis to continue the process of discovering our outlet and engaging in it.

Here at Outlet, we hope you watch this video and get inspired. We hope you come to our events and get inspired. We've all thought about making that beat, creating that painting, cooking that meal, or learning that instrument. We've also all had the counteracting thought of "yeah I will.. once I finish this project for work .. once I finish these applications .. once things settle down a bit.."

We get it. And we would never suggest that it's easy to start practicing your creative outlet regularly. But the other thing we know is that there is no better time than now. Let's do it. Let's get inspired. Let's inspire others. Let's create and continue creating. Let's connect with one another during the journey. This is what Outlet is all about.