Interviewing Lalu John - Focus Series 1

Interviewing Lalu was inspiring. His passion for music, God, and people shines through. We're excited to kick off the Focus Series with him because he touches on how he manages to balance his creative passions with his life obligations. Believe it or not, there are little things we can do on a regular basis to continue the process of discovering our outlet and engaging in it.

Here at Outlet, we hope you watch this video and get inspired. We hope you come to our events and get inspired. We've all thought about making that beat, creating that painting, cooking that meal, or learning that instrument. We've also all had the counteracting thought of "yeah I will.. once I finish this project for work .. once I finish these applications .. once things settle down a bit.."

We get it. And we would never suggest that it's easy to start practicing your creative outlet regularly. But the other thing we know is that there is no better time than now. Let's do it. Let's get inspired. Let's inspire others. Let's create and continue creating. Let's connect with one another during the journey. This is what Outlet is all about.