Outlet Collective Events

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Outlet Collective presents The Summer Showcase: A creative showcase in the city of New York featuring BOTH musical AND visual artists. Outlet’s mission has always been to connect people to their creative outlets and to eachother. This time, we took that mission to Hell’s Kitchen - Bar9 to be exact. The event featured talented artists MRG, OSG Music, Joi Cole, MIky Hustles, K.O., and Risa Oze. It was in support of Art Start and sponsored by Bissy Energy and CityVaunt.

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The Let out: a day party-LOWER EAST SIDE - 5/18

When the Sun pops out, you should too! This is a celebration. We're celebrating art, people, creative outlets, and our multifaceted lives. Work hard, study hard etc. but also.. DO YOUR THING. Let's celebrate our outlets and connect while vibing to premium music at a premium location. Your mindset should reflect the words of the esteemed philosopher, Aubrey Graham .. "The Summer's mine, swear I said it about a hundred times, Ima need it back".

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A Showcase of art and culture - denver - 5/11

This being our first event in Denver, we wanted to celebrate all of the amazing brands, artists, and musicians that encompass the Denver area. We curated a cocktail-infused day party and celebrated everything that the wonderful city of Denver has to offer! There were musical performances, art throughout the venue, and merchandise from the game-changing brands in attendance. These brands included False Ego, LIV'N, and Mindset of a Hustler. The event featured three incredibly talented artists: Kid Astronaut, Yeshua, and Tre O'Neal. 

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Outlet 1-yr anniversary - WILLIAMSBURG - 3/20/19

Imagine 3 dynamic artists set to perform. Imagine a unique stage and venue like Our Wicked Lady in Williamsburg. Imagine the usual Outlet energy but with better weather. No need to imagine. It happened.

Damon Xavier, Naya Shea, and Mekka Don put on a show for the ages.

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THE WELL Showcase - WILLIAMSBURG - 2/21/19

Outlet Collective is BACK for 2019. On Thursday, February 21st @ The Well in Williamsburg, Outlet Collective hosted a very special showcase featuring 3 immaculate acts. The night featured DJ extraordinare Lalu John, the talented trailblazers of Thou Shalt Not Entertainment, and renowned international recording artist, Dap the Contract.

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OUTLET - THE WORKSHOP featured a special performance followed by 2 curated workshops. The workshops were led by Zach_Storm (Producer/Musician) and Erica Parker (Painter/Visual Artist). We also hosted a pop-up sale of limited edition Outlet apparel, all at Esther & Carol in Soho.



In Outlet’s 2nd event, Britt Kayla displayed stunning, eclectic paintings, Kenni Bo made incredible beats live with multiple instruments and VibeonKeyah performed and sang the vibiest of tracks. All of this went down @ Row House in Harlem and there were over 130 people in attendance.

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Where it all started..

The event featured an incredible r&b singer named MATTEPRL, a photographer duo called CapturedNouns , and a poet named PoeticBoyD. Over 150 people came to be a part of a movement.