Outlet is an Art Collective embracing every individual’s artistic channel. Everyone has one, no matter how big or how small. Our events will bring people into a space where they could perform, share, workshop and connect through their artistic outlets. No matter what you do as your day job, the belief of our collective is that when you PLUG in to your OUTLET, your life is CHARGED with ENERGY. We want to change the question from ‘where do you work?’ to ‘what do you create?’

Through showcases, workshops, and more artistically-geared events, we want to connect people with their true passions AND with each other. Here’s an example of an Outlet event: we highlight 3 artists of different mediums – let’s say a singer, a photographer, and an animator. We use every space in a creative way so rather than simply utilizing a stage, art would be displayed and infused throughout the venue. The highlighted artists would have opportunities to present and market their art, if they so choose. Lastly, there will also be plenty of time for hanging out and networking toward the end of Outlet sessions.